Monday, 22 December 2014

Almost 2015

meanwhile, back @ 2014...

Noted the other day that LinkedIn is pressing people to post (blog really) so Global Salon, neglected as it has been over the past two years, is back ..

What a year it's been. Lost some dear friends, rediscovered Europe, and consolidated my local affairs. Attended the Diana Conference in Stockholm in mid 2014 where an outstanding group of women discussed, what else, women and enterprise in all its forms. From a regional development (which is my) angle, entrepreneurship continues to be seen as the pathway to economic and social empowerment. Yes, still firmly on the path of helping to improve the status of women. 

Embarked on a new project researching what women need in terms of deploying their entrepreneurial capabilities and facilitating pathways to make that happen. Is it in fact about strengthening the understanding of government officials to improve legislation and enabling environments that provide women entrepreneurs access to (global) markets and trade? Is it about accessing networks and global value chains as is widely assumed? This may indeed be the case in many economies but it's no secret a lot is going on beneath the surface. 

Time and again I hear myself ask what is the point of fixing such components if social and cultural issues are not addressed. Why not look at all the capitals (human, social/cultural, environmental, built and financial) needed to empower women (and men) and which together are the pathway to creating equal access to entitlements, opportunities, resources.   

As part of this work would dearly love responses from young and old, males and females in developed and emerging economies, what it means to you to be empowered from an entrepreneurial (small business) perspective. Tell me as much or little as you like. Send me a quote and/or elaborate about barriers you may have experienced -- such as power structures, corruption, cultural values and outmoded ways of thinking -- and enablers such as government programs, technology (ICT and e-commerce) and collaborative endeavours that enable you and your small business to thrive. Kindly email your responses to and feel free to pass along this request to whoever you think may be inclined to participate in this research. Findings will be published and shared with all.  

Thank you! 

Wishing one and all a healthy, peaceful & equitable 2015 

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