Thursday, 7 October 2010

bus ride from hell

The night of October 2nd my host and I travel back from Khulna to Dhaka by night bus. The first time we took this bus (an air-conditioned bus from the Green Line) we have sears relatively far back. We stop infrequently (this is a 10-hr bus ride with no toilet on the bus..) and I manage to get some sleep.  

This time my host has arranges what he calls 'executive seats' on another bus line, which are located in the first two rows of the bus. The bus is air-conditioned to sub-zero temperatures and the thin blue blanket they hand out barely cover my shivering body. This country 'drives by horn' creating a cacophony of buses, trucks, cars, tuk-tuks and rickshaws all trying to overtake each other across any lane of the road and we are subjected to an entire night of constant horn blowing by the bus driver interrupted only by the doors opening and closing as his side-kick shouts for people to hurry up getting on and off. To top things off, there is an unhappy baby in the back of the bus who manages to scream throughout the entire trip.

Get me off this bus...


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